Groopview is driven by a mission to redefine social engagement for streaming and gaming enterprises. Our journey was sparked by a passion to transform the way consumers in digital communities connect and interact.


Groopview was formed as a platform for enabling gaming and streaming enterprises to leverage cutting-edge social engagement around their content, no matter the type of content. Built from the ground up, in the cloud, Groopview’s objective is to enable enterprises better engage and monetize their content and end user relationships. While built with 5G in mind, Groopview operates well over 4G, Wi-Fi and terrestrial network. Groopview also inter-operates across multiple platforms and seamlessly integrates several technologies to enable enterprises with content to offer synchronized social engagement and interaction services.


Groopview’s platform enables video subscribers to create connections and communities in real time and interact in ways never possible before. All in a single application and platform.

Multiple patents granted around our unique synchronization technology.

Interoperates across iOS, Android and Web platforms with more platforms coming such as Smart TVs, Game Consoles coming in the future.

Video chat, co-viewing, simultaneous front & rear camera video chat

Record Sessions

Record Sessions

Realtime Sharing

Group Messaging



Revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your audience.



Syncview fosters real-time connections, allowing users to watch, chat, and share experiences seamlessly in a virtual hangout.



Dualview brings live dual-camera experiences to users, enabling instant sharing of moments from game stadiums, concerts, and various events.



Influencerview boosts exposure and engagement by hosting view parties with tastemakers, reaching millions and creating global connections.



Gamingview enables simultaneous interaction, letting users watch, chat, and play together in real-time, fostering an interactive viewing experience.



Groopview Analytics captures valuable insights on user behavior and engagement, providing enterprises with data to optimize monetization strategies effectively.

Groopview Analytics captures valuable
Meet Our Team

Visionaries and Innovators

At Groopview, our success is fueled by a team of passionate visionaries and skilled developers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social engagement in the gaming and streaming industry.

Delmond Newton​

Delmond Newton

Founder and CEO
Phillip McRae ​

Phillip McRae

COO, Head of Revenue Generation
Mark Stalica ​

Mark Stalica

Chief of Staff and Head of Investment and Business Development
ReyMonn Newton​

ReyMonn Newton

Co-Founder, PMO and Head of Product Development
Krishnan Rajam ​

Krishnan Rajam

CTO, Head of Strategy

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